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Drugs and Guns taken off the Streets

Sheriff Terry Miller Reports that on September 24, 2022, a Deputy with the Clay County Sheriff's Department made a traffic stop on Highway 135 for a speeding infraction for 15 miles per hour over. Upon approaching the vehicle, the Deputy spoke to the driver identified as Justin Trinkle. Mr. Trinkle had a suspended Driver's license and is on felony probation with a waiver on file. Mr. Trinkle was unable to provide proof of insurance. The Deputy noticed the corner of a bag under the edge of the driver's seat. The Deputy then executed a probation search on the car and located 141.75 grams of a green leafy substance "Marijuana" and $2, 249. The Deputy then transported to the Corning Police Department. Deputies then took Mr. Trinkle to his residence in Corning AR for a probation search. There we located in the bedroom an additional 829.45 grams of a green leafy substance, 29.1 grams of a white powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine, 6.4 grams of white pills identified as hydrocodone in cigarette pack, 26 grams of a mushroom candy schedule 2, a blue plastic tube with a white powder on it, a .22 Cal AR style rifle that had the safety removed making in full auto, and a .380 pistol. Mr. Trinkle was then transported to the jail for booking. Mr. Trinkle was charged with:

Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule 1 with intent to Deliver. 

Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule 6 with intent to Deliver.

Possession of a Defaced Firearm

Possession of Firearms by Certain persons (x2)

Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms

Possession of a Controlled substance Schedule 1 greater than 2 grams.

Possession of Controlled Substance schedule 2 greater than 28 grams.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Driving on Suspended DL

No proof of liability insurance

Speeding 15 over

Mr. Trinkle is being held at the Greene County Detention Center WITHOUT  BOND!


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Quarterly Training

On September 19, 2022 the Clay County Sheriff's Department participated in quarterly firearms training at the Rector Shooting Range.


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Clay County Fair Parade

On September 17, 2022 at 10 a.m. The Clay County Sheriffs Department participated in and helped lead the Clay County Fair Parade through the city of Piggott. 

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Sheriff's Department Visits Local Kids

The Sheriff's Office had a great day out spending time visiting with the local Kids from the Piggott, Corning, and Rector School Districts today at the Clay County Fairgrounds. 

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Drug Take Back Event


The Clay County Sheriff's Office is once again participating in the "National Take-Back Day" in an effort to remove unwanted, unused, and potentially dangerous controlled substances and over the counter medications from our medicine cabinets. This next event will be held this Saturday, October 24, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The Take Back Event will be held at the following locations:

Clay County Sheriff's Department (outside front door)

268 S. Second Ave.

Piggott, Arkansas 72454


Rector Police Department (inside police department)

409 S. Stewart St.

Rector, Arkansas 72461


Corning Police Department (drop at front office)

308 W. Main St.

Corning, Arkansas 72422

            The National Take-Back Day provides an opportunity for the public to surrender expired, unwanted, or unused pharmaceutical controlled substances and other medications for destruction. These drugs are a potential source of supply for illegal use and an unacceptable risk to children and to public health and safety. This event is intended to bring national focus to the issue of increasing pharmaceutical controlled substance abuse.


In the past, flushing medications and drugs seemed to be a safe and responsible method of disposal. We now realize that the drugs do not completely disintegrate and are contaminating our waterways. Wastewater treatment plants and septic systems are not generally designed to treat pharmaceutical waste. The risk to the health of our waters is significant when we contribute to pollution by what we pour down our drains. This ends up in our creeks, rivers, and lakes, and it places our drinking water supply at an unnecessary risk.


The National Take-Back Day program is FREE and "No Questions Asked". The drop off locations will accept pills and medications in the bottle or in a bag or other disposable container. People may remove any or all labels from the bottle or containers if they wish. The process is very easy..... simply drive up, go to the box or designated area, and drop them off.

            All pills and pharmaceuticals collected will later be destroyed using drug incinerator equipment. Anyone having questions about The National Take-Back Day or drop off procedures may contact the Sheriff's Office for information.


Terry Miller,

Clay County Sheriff

Summer Time


With summer upon us already, we here at the Clay County Sheriff's Office would like everyone to be aware of some of the dangers and changes of schedules for many in our community.

1. Children are out of school and are out and about playing.

Vehicles Buckle Up Everyone! NOT JUST BABY! Don't forget baby (or pets) in cars. In a few short minutes a car can reach over 100 degrees. Always look both ways before entering the intersection. Be mindful of backing up. Small children are hard to see if they are directly behind the car. Poisoning small children are curious and want to explore their surroundings. Be mindful of where you house your home cleaning supplies and laundry detergent. Head Injuries Children out riding bicycles, skateboards, scooters, horses or ATVs need to be wearing helmets to ensure safety while enjoying outside activities. Drowning With pools already up, going up and the local pools opening this becomes a big danger for individuals of any age. Children can drown in as little as an inch of water in a five-gallon bucket as well as a swimming pool. But don't just keep an eye on the little ones, be mindful of anyone near the water. Playground Injuries Falls off of any playground equipment (park or at home) can lead to a much serious injury given the height of the equipment or the age of the child.

2. The Sun

Sun Damage Sunscreen is not just for the beach!!! Remember to wear it: Amusement parks Outside Family Events Sporting Events Outside Concerts Pool Parties and so many more... Heat exhaustion a condition whose symptoms may include heavy sweating rapid pulse heat cramps Heavy Sweating Dizziness Fatigue Nausea Headache Causes of heat exposure high temperatures high humidity strenuous physical activity Heat stroke Or sun stroke, is a type of severe heat illness that results in a body temperature greater than 104 and confusion. Symptoms Throbbing Headache Dizziness and light-headedness Lack of Sweating despite the heat Red, hot, and dry skin Nausea and vomiting Rapid Heartbeat

3. Bites

Mosquitos Everyone's Favorite Bug!! These bugs carry all kinds of diseases: Malaria Yellow Fever So Remember to Apply bug spray Wasps and Bees These bugs are mostly nonaggressive unless threatened by something. So remember when cleaning out those sheds and putting up those pools to be mindful of their presence. Ants With kids out playing in the yard, ant hills can become a hazard. Small children can easily over run by these small creatures and could quickly become dangerous. Snakes With the warmer weather upon us, these creatures are starting to come out of the hiding holes. So be aware of were you step when out in wooded areas or even out in your shed when cleaning because they will go anywhere to stay warm. Dogs and Cats These animals are always out and about and you can never be to cautious around a stray animal. Even if that animal is familiar to you, it only takes a second for any animal to become hostile.


But most of all, all of us here at the Clay County Sheriff's Office would like to wish you a Safe and Happy Summer.


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  Clay County Sheriff's Department is taking applications for the positions of Full time Female Jailer, part-time Male Jailer, and Part-Time Dispatcher positions.
Applicants must be willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Applicants need to be able to handle multitasking of duties -both physically and mentally and be able to pass State requirements. Full time benefits include: state retirement, paid health insurance, paid life insurance. 
Applications may be picked up at the Clay County Detention Center 268 S. Second Ave in Piggott.
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Back to school time in Clay County

Back to School Time in Clay County

Dear Friends,

Back to school time is an important event for our entire community. Students are back in class. Teachers

are implementing new lesson plans for the school year. Administrators are working with budgets, school

bus routes, staffing and school safety concerns. Parents are coordinating work and school schedules, car

pools and support for their student’s activities and studies. Businesses are equipping families, teachers

and administrators with the supplies they need for a successful school year. Back to school is a busy time

for us all.

During this busy time, please be extra cautious in traffic. Be mindful of our school traffic zones especially

during the morning hours and early afternoons. Keep an extra look out for potential hazards around our

schools and in neighborhoods where children play. Slow down and increase your stopping distances.

School buses are back on the road. Be aware of school bus routes in your neighborhood and throughout

your daily travel. Leave plenty of time and space for buses. With school traffic, anticipate delays in your

travel and leave early so you’re not in a rush. And, when approaching a school zone or school bus on the

road, be prepared to stop for bus and pedestrian traffic.

I want to thank all of you who help make our education system an integral, positive force in our

community. Our children are counting on us – let’s work together to make “back to school” a rewarding,

fun, and safe time for all Clay County residents.

Thank you,

Sheriff Terry Miller

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Back to School on the Ranch




In just two short weeks, our Ranch boys and girls will be going back to school. There is so much to do between now and then! Hundreds of pairs of shoes and jeans will be tried on. Dozens of backpacks will be purchased and stuffed with new school supplies. There will be many fresh back-to-school haircuts given.

That’s the exciting part of back to school at the Arkansas Sheriffs' Youth Ranches. But what you may not realize is that for many Arkansas boys and girls, just getting to school can be complicated.


Brandon’s mom was constantly in and out of jail for drugs. He never met his dad. He and his six siblings lived with their mother – when she wasn’t in jail. His siblings had multiple fathers, but none stuck around long enough to know their children.

Brandon and his brothers and sisters were neglected with no one to make sure they had food or their most basic needs met. Their grandmother stepped in to care for them when she could. But that support wasn’t enough. At age 15, Brandon’s future was looking pretty bleak.

However, three years ago, Brandon and his younger brother and sister were able to come to the Ranch. They quit having to move around from shelter to shelter, and at the Ranch, they now have a stable home and loving house parents who care about their success, in and out of school.

This May, Brandon graduated high school with a high GPA! The Class of 2017 even dedicated their class gift to the success of our two graduating seniors! Brandon is enrolled in college classes this fall and is working for the City of Batesville this summer.


People like you. How? Because the ASYR is funded almost entirely through charitable donations. Ever day, our donors make a difference in the lives of the 30-40 boys and girls who live at the Ranch. And they will stay at the Ranch for as long as they need a place to call home, whether it's three months or three years. 

Today, there are many children across Arkansas who are hungry and neglected because their parents spend money on drugs instead of food and basic care. They long for a stable, loving home like we provide at the Ranch.


School is starting back just two weeks from today, and we have lots of boys and girls to outfit for the school year! With a gift of just $285, we can buy clothes, shoes, a fresh haircut, school supplies, even a backpack for a child. Click here to make a gift today!

You can imagine what it's like for our boys and girls getting a new back pack and new shoes, some for the very first time! Their eyes light up with excitement, and they know they are going to have a great school year, because they have house parents and other staff at the Ranch who love them and are going to make sure they do their very best.

But we can't do this important work without you! You can make a difference in these children's lives today.

SOME OF OUR GREATEST NEEDS: $285 can outfit 1 child for the 17/18 school year! $150 can clothe one child for the year. $125 can buy school supplies for a high schooler. $50 can provide 5 fresh back-to-school haircuts. $45 can purchase a new pair of shoes for a child who has only known hand-me-downs. $30 can provide 2 new backpacks.

Happy 4th of July

Sheriff Terry Miller would like to thank everyone who participated in both the Corning and Piggott parades and hopes everyone enjoyed watching the parades.

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