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Sheriff Terry Miller 's Tips to stay safe indoors
When staying indoors during cold temperatures or a winter storm, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers these tips:
Make sure any infants younger than 1 year old are not sleeping in cold rooms and have adequate warm clothing, such as footed pajamas, one-piece wearable blankets or sleep sacks. Remove any pillows or other soft bedding from a baby's crib, since they pose the risk of smothering or sudden infant death syndrome.
If you have friends or neighbors older than 65, check on them frequently to ensure that their homes are adequately heated.
Leave water taps slightly open to prevent freezing pipes.
Eat well-balanced meals to stay warm.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine, because they can cause your body to lose heat more rapidly.
"Never using generators, gas or charcoal grills, camp stoves, or similar devices inside your home, in basements, in garages, or near windows," the CDC says. "The fumes are deadly."
Using the stove for heat is not safe, the CDC warns; instead, use extra blankets, sleeping bags or coats. A well-maintained fireplace or a portable space heater may be a safe alternative.
Tips to stay safe outdoors
When venturing outdoors during a winter storm, the CDC and National Weather Service have some recommendations:
Dress warmly with hats, scarves and mittens and by wearing layers.
Avoid walking on ice and avoid getting wet.
If you have to shovel snow or do other outdoor work, take your time and work slowly. If you have older neighbors, offer to help shovel their walkways or driveways.
Avoid traveling on ice-covered roads if possible.
If you are stranded outdoors, it is safest to stay in your vehicle.
Try to keep pets indoors during cold weather, but if they go outside, thoroughly wipe their legs and underbelly free of snow when returning indoors. Never let your dog off leash on snow or ice. Make sure we check on our elderly neighbors as well. Be Safe!